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About Us



The Bridgnorth Area Schools’ Trust (BAST) was created to establish coherent local education for pupils aged 4 – 18. There are four schools in our Trust, all local to each other and serving the community of Bridgnorth within its local area.  It was our vision when we set up the Trust to build on local schools' current strengths and support cross-phase schooling in Bridgnorth and the surrounding area.  We are a Mixed MAT with both Church and non-Church schools in our Trust.  


Our secondary school, Oldbury Wells School, works extensively with local primaries. The Trust aims to further build on this work with more strategic purpose, coherence and formality to reap consistent educational rewards.


BAST aims:

  • To bring about the very best educational outcomes for all of our Academies’ students.
  • To support and enrich education in our area. As a Trust we are committed to local education. Our aim is to help bring about the best learning for local pupils that we can, beyond our own schools' gates where that is appropriate. 
  • To further develop and strengthen partnerships to the benefit of the Trust, whilst enabling schools to develop and strengthen individually keeping their own unique characteristics.
  • To recognise, support and promote the Christian distinctiveness of our Faith Schools.