Trust Board and Governance | Bridgnorth Area Schools' Trust

Trust Board and Governance

Trust Board and Members


Board of Trustees / Directors (September 2016)

Sarah Godden (Executive Headteacher)

Judy Mondon (Diocese Appointed and Chair)

Donovan Gibbons (Diocese Appointed)

Vince Jones (Member Director)

Nick Hooper (Member Director)

Geoff Baker (Member Director)

Allen Crawford Thomas (Academy Director)

Rose Patey (Diocese Appointed)

Mark Anderson (Member Director)

Members of Bridgnorth Area Schools' Trust

David Ravenscroft; Judy Mondon (Diocese Appointed); Dave Peterson; Ray Gill (Diocese Appointed); Karen Howell 

Our 'Executive Headteacher' is Sarah Godden. We are committed to developing a distributed leadership model, ensuring that Primary School Leadership and Church School representation is developed at the heart of the Trust.  Working under the Board each school has its own Local Governing Body (LGB). The LGBs are focused on the individual schools and are made up of Governors for the joining school.   In our Trust, LGBs can have High or Low Delegation of powers according to need.


Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests (Trustees)
Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests (Members)
Dates of Trust Meetings 2018/19
Trust Committee Membership 2018/19